Beach Hotel Near Salvador Bahia 2014 World Cup Brazil

Beach Hotel Near Salvador Bahia 2014 World Cup Brazil

Room rates are valid for the period from 11/06-14/07/14 per night for the indicated bungalow breakfast, service and taxes included. And there is a minimum stay of 2- 3 nights:

double room 200 BRL triple room   250 BRL single room  170 BRL Special Offers all with breakfast, service and taxes included for 7 nights: double room 1.340 BRL triple room   1.670 BRL single room  1.140 BRL for 14 nights plus 2 free airport transportations: double room 2.530 BRL triple room   3.160 BRL single room  2.150 BRL for 21 nights plus 4 free airport transportations: double room 3.580 BRL triple room   4.470 BRL single room  3.040 BRL for 32 nights and 7 free airport transportationsfers: double room 4.900 BRL triple room   6.100 BRL single room  4.180 BRL   Further Information and Reservation by Hotel Praia do Encanto We would be glad to accommodate you in our hotel. News for Fans Friendly Croatia against Australia in Salvador Prijateljska utakmica Hrvatska kontra Australija u Salvador 10/05/14: On 06/06/14 that means before official Worldcup the teams of Croatia and Australia will meet at 20:00 h (Brasilia time) in afriendly at Pituaça stadium in Salvador. Its easily accessible by car and public transport but lacks sufficient parking spaces. Tickets for the game are available from 13/05. But there are no information where. Prices: 60 R$ and 90 R$. Croatia and Brazil dispute the inaugural game of the World Cup in São Paulo. Match Schedule for Salvador Group Matches: 13/06: Spain x Holland 16/06: Germany x Portugal 20/06: Switzerland x France 25/06: Bosnia x Iran Last sixteen: 01/07: Match J56 = 1st group H x 2nd group G Quarter final: 05/07: Match J59 = winner match 51 x winner match 52 Outsite Salvador: Inaugural game in São Paulo (Itaquerão): 12/06, 17:00 o’clock: Brasil x Croatia Final match in Rio de Janeiro (Maracanã): 13/07, 16:00 o’clock: winner game 61 x winner game 62 Hope you favourite team will be the champion.   Map of Brazil with Venues

venues  Venues with Distance from Salvador, Stadiums Venues of the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil (in brackets the respective Federal State) with distance from Salvador (SSA) in road kilometres and current air connection from SSA:

  • Salvador (BA) 2,8 m. inhabitants; stadium: Fonte Nova (Octávio Mangabeira), 55.000 seats (new building)

  North and Northwest of Salvador

  • Recife (PE) 839 km; flight: direct; 1,6 m. inhabitants; stadium: Cidade da Copa, 46.000 seats (new building)
  • Natal (RN) 1126 km; flight: direct; 810.000 inhabitants; stadium: Arena das Dunas, 45.000 seats (new building)
  • Fortaleza (CE) 1386 km; flight: direct; 2,5 m. inhabitants; stadium: Castelão (Gov. Plácido Castelo), 66.700 seats (rebuilding)
  • Manaus (AM) 5009 km; flight: via Brasília; 1,8 m. inhabitants; stadium: Vivaldão, 47.900 seats (rebuilding)

South and Southwest of Salvador

  • Belo Horizonte (MG) 1372 km; flight: direct; 2,5 m. inhabitants; stadium: Mineirão (Gov. Magalhães Pinto), 76.000 seats (modernisation)
  • Brasília (DF) 1446 km; flight: direct; 2,6 m. inhabitants; stadium: Mané Garrincha, 70.000 seats (rebuilding);
  • Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 1649 km; flight: direct; 6,1 m. inhabitants; stadium: Maracanã (Jornalista Mário Filho), 87.000 seats (rebuilding); probably only venue of the final match
  • São Paulo (SP) 1962 km; flight: direct; 11,1 m. inhabitants; stadium: Itaquerão, 71.400 seats (new building); also venue of the official opening ceremony
  • Cuiabá (MT) 2567 km; flight: via Brasília: 560.000 inhabitants; stadium: Verdão, 42.500 seats (new building)
  • Curitiba (PR) 2385 km; flight: via São Paulo; 1,7 m. inhabitants; stadium: Arena da Baixada, 41.300 seats (rebuilding)
  • Porto Alegre (RS) 3127 km; flight: via São Paulo; 1,5 m. inhabitants; stadium: Beira-Rio (José Pinheiro Borda), 56.000 seats (modernisation)

Latest News 04/05/2010: In one of the harshest criticism Fifa’s general secretary, Jérôme Valcke, declared as ‘incredible’ the actual delays regarding the construction of the stadiums for the championships 2014 in Brazil. The deadline fixed by Fifa for the beginning of the constructions expired yesterday, and half of the cities did nothing until now: ‘Brazil has to move around…Brazil shows how difficult it is to organize a football world cup, as South Africa it did.’ Same day Sports Minister Orlando Silva confirmed concerns of Jérôme Valcke. He called the situation of the Brazilian stadiums for the Football World Cup as alarming. ‘From the twelve stadiums six are delayed an two of them in a worrying manner.’ Nobody named any names. But it is well known that Salvador hasn’t yet initiated the construction. And Brasilia in the last months paralysed by corruption scandals in government and politics hasn’t even finished the open tender.   Construction Progress Brazilian Federal Government informs in two special internet portals about the construction progress of the stadiums and the federal financial contributions (unfortunately till now only in Portuguese): One regarding the Football World Cup 2014 and another related to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.   The New ‘Fonte Nova’ Stadium On 25/11/2007, during a football match between Bahia and Vila Nova, in the 43rd minute of the 2nd half, a part of the superiorStadium Fonte Nova stand of the stadium ‘Fonte Nova’ (official name: ‘Octávio Mangabeira’) came down. Seven men paid with their life for the sloppiness and negligence of the supervisory organs. Since then the stadium is closed. It must be demolished for a new one. The new stadium (see photo montage on the right) is planned for 55.000 seats but will have only 2.000 parking places. ‘Fonte Nova’ stadium is situated in a densely populated residential area with insufficient traffic connections. A new metro passing the stadium is under construction since 1998 (!) and an initial operation is not in sight. The metro with its extension of about 6 km could enter into the ‘Guinness World Records’ as the most shortest and furthermore the most expensive metro of the world. The chance to build a new stadium more outside the city centre was lost. Without a stadium the metro, often named as monument of corruption, would be completely worthless. The new stadium is expected to be finished end of 2012 to serve as venue for the Confederations Cup in 2013 too. Costs of the new building are estimated at about 600 m. BRL (≈ 255 m. Euro). The city of Salvador plans to expropriate more than 5 m. square metres for new express ways, mostly located in housing areas of poor people, who always pay the bill.


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